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Chef's Specials

Need some help deciding what to eat? Here are the top 10 favourites that are sure to delight.

12. Hot & Sour Soup
Cooked using our daily made fresh soup base, this soup sure has its own character!
7. Dragon's Lettuce Wrap (Chicken/Beef)
Freshly cook minced chicken or beef stir fry together with minced carrots, celery and bamboo shoots, served with fresh crisp lettuce and Hoisin Sauce.
16. Dragon's Style Orange Sauce Chicken
Chunks of chicken, lightly breaded, deep fried and then drenched with our delicious orange sauce.
17. Honey Glazed Sesame Seed Chicken
Chicken crisps with a lot of sesame seeds, stir fried with pure honey until golden brown.
84. Curry Seafood Supreme Hot Pot
Tiger prawns, squid and sea bream fillet cooked in our very own curry sauce with greens, served in sizzling hot pot.
44. Sizzling Beef & Black Pepper Sauce
Sautéed beef fillets with mushrooms and onions, cooked in a black pepper sauce.
65. Sea Bream Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce
Deep fry lightly breaded juicy chunks of Sea Bream fillets, and blanketed with a layer of our very famous sweet and sour sauce with pineapples, green peppers and onion.
36. Ginger Chicken
This unique dish and its secret recipe relies on a sweet sauce with a kick of heat.
39. Mongolian Beef II
Shredded bamboo shoots, green peppers and carrots with chunks of mushrooms stir fried with lots of beef or chicken with our very own and unique Mongolian sauce.
37. General Tsao's Chicken
One of the famous dishes found in most Szechwan Style Restaurants, this dish consists of lightly breaded chicken chunks, stir fry with Carrots, Green Peppers and Onions in a unique spicy and sweet sauce.